Our intent of this blog is to share Brock's adventures in Orlando, Florida while he's on his LDS mission. Hopefully, by reading about how Brock is changing the lives of so many, and seeing Brock's own personal growth in the gospel, the people reading this blog will also be able to feel the spirit and be inspired to strengthen or develop their own testimonies of Christ and the LDS church.

Monday, May 16, 2016

The final email!!

1-2: Goodbye Waterford Lakes
3: What's up Kissimmee!?
4: trio life!
5: the fam!
6: rat catchers. Check out that tail!!
7: Brother Moore
8: the Trifecta!

Friends and Family,

This week has been awesome. Honestly, it was great to be here in
Kissimmee. It was  area for the final whistle to blow of my mission.
My two comps are studs too, Elder Gentry and Elder Hawkins. I'm sad I
only have a few more days to serve with these fellas, but I love these
guys! This past week, I made sure to give my all in loving the people,
and having s great time while doing it!

We had a lot of fun biking around the city of Kissimmee, talking with
hood rats, and doing the Lords work! I'm definitely going to miss it,
but we'll talk about that later!
We saw a lot of success this week working with some less active
members and talked to them about getting to church. We found a couple
of fun new investigators this week as well, but I'll talk about a
couple of people I met this week!

There's this awesome family named the Zapata's. The moms name is
Bonnie and she's a champ! She has 5 kids and living in what you can
call a poverty stricken location in the community. It's a one bedroom,
one bath, run down home that is in a sketch area of town. I'm talking
stray dogs, ant hills, and ReggĂ tone bumpin' from each house on the
block. Two of the five kids are baptized and we are working with the
others to make that covenant as well!
I spent a good minute in Sacrament Meeting losing in games of
tick-tac-toe with Bonnie's son  "C-lo" who's 5 years old. This kid is
awesome and we were instantly buddies!

*Quote of the Week*
This quote belongs to what could have been my favorite Bishop on my
mission. He's here in the Kissimmee ward, and he had a WWE RAW,
SMACKDOWN, PILE-DRIVE, KILLA quote in Ward Council. We were debating
on giving assignments or just having it done by volunteers. This was
about 15 minutes in, and everyone was getting frustrated...
Relief Society President - "The sisters feel that the church shouldn't
be run by assignment, it should all be volunteer..."
*awkward silence...*
Bishop Gooch slowly leans back in his chair
"Well... Jesus said get baptized or you're damned."

Another funny story that happened is Elder Gentry lost in "What Are
the Odds?" And had to tell this joke to one of the cute Sister
Missionaries in the ward...
Elder Gentry- *knock knock*
Sister Missionary - *who's there?*
Elder Gentry *you smell like mipe*  (It's a made up word)
Sister Missionary - *you smell like mipe who?" (Sounds like my poo!)
We then started laughing way hard and the Sister Missionary really
wasn't too sure what to do... Hahah serving in trio's are the best! So
much fun!!

Another fun story this week is about a less active member named
Daniel! He told us that recently he's been hearing the sound of rats
running through his trailer in the middle of the night and he's
worried one will bite him and give him rabies... My initial reaction
was, "I'm out and let's burn this place down." Instead, we set some
traps around the trailer and hoped for the best! Keep in mind, Daniel
is about 425 pounds with gout in both legs, and has a grand total of 3
teeth. To move forward, Daniel called us at 2 AM on Friday night
letting us know we caught a little buddy, and we were in charge of
setting him free away from his trailer. We felt like champions!!

There are some pretty awesome people I've met out here on my mission!
A couple of members in the Waterford Lakes was came down to Kissimmee
and took us out to get some ice cream, and bought me some new "Stance"
socks! They're awesome! Also, Rick Roman is coming down to Kissimmee
tonight for one last dinner. This guy is the man! I'm trying to
convince him to move out to St. George, and he's thinking about it, so
we will see what happens :)

On Wednesday, there are a few missionaries in this Zone who have the
opportunity to go and do service for a place called "Give Kids The
World" here in Kissimmee. When my little sister Abby had a heart
transplant a few years ago, our family was blessed with the
opportunity to then have a "Make A Wish." Abby chose to come down
Disney and spend some time here. Make A Wish played a vital role in
order to make that wish happen. I'm grateful for the opportunity I'll
have on Wednesday to go be a volunteer at this organization and give
back to this company and serve them after all they did for me and my

Well, here we are. Man... The final 4 days of my mission! Where to
even begin...
First off, I just want to thank all of those for the support I've
received out here. All of you are awesome, and I appreciate the time
and effort put forth in order to make these past two years an even
better experience for me. Thank you, and I love you guys. I've had the
time of my life out here, and can say the F.O.M has to be the promised
land. The people I've met out here are awesome and have changed me for
the better. I love the people I've met on my mission... My companions,
Recent Converts, and other Ward Members. I'll miss the people here. I
know I'll miss The Lords work. I'll really miss it. But I'm grateful
for the chance I've have to serve.
I could talk for days on end about the things I've learned here in
Florida, and who I have become. I have learned and gained a testimony
of the little aspects of the Gospel, and how they make the biggest
differences in our lives. Growing up in the church, I heard a lot that
going on a mission would be the best decision I would ever make, and
to be honest I doubted it. I thought I was happy and pretty content
with how life was going. With my mission wrapping up, I fully believe
that serving a mission has hands down, been the greatest decision I've
made. I now understand what true and eternal happiness is, and how to
experience it. I now know how much potential we all have as children
of God, and He rejoices when we make the right choices. I know that
the Church is here today because there was once a 14 year old boy
named Joseph Smith who decided to say a humble prayer to know what
church as true and this is the result. And most importantly, I  know
that we have a Savior, Jesus Christ, who is our Redeemer, and He loves
and cares about us, and I know he would do it all again for us at any
moment. I'm so grateful for these past two years, and who I've become.
It's hard to take this next step forward to say goodbye to the people
of Florida. I love it here, and I love the work that I'm doing. It's
really going to be tough to say goodbye. But... I  know that it's
necessary and I'm excited for what's to come in life! I'm looking
forward to seeing all of you soon, and having some more great times!
Thanks again! I'll see you soon!!
Much Love,
- Elder Doman

My favorite scripture...
Alma 26:12
"Yea, I know that I am nothing; as to my strength I am weak; therefore
I will not boast of myself, but I will boast of my God, for in his
strength I can do all things; yea, behold, many mighty miracles we
have wrought in this land, for which we will praise his name forever."
Alma 29:9
"I know that which the Lord hath commanded me, and I glory in it. I do
not glory of myself, but I glory in that which the Lord hath commanded
me; yea, and this is my glory, that perhaps I may be an instrument in
the hands of God to bring some soul to repentance; and this is my

*** My homecoming is going to be this Sunday, the 22nd! I'd love to
see you if you're able to make it! It starts at 1:00 in the afternoon,
and the address is
675 Desert Hills Dr
St. George, UT 84790

Monday, May 9, 2016

Last week in Waterford Lakes, then spending the next 9 days in Kissimmee??? What the heck?

Friends and Family,

How's everyone doing today?! Yesterday was a great "Mother of All
Holidays..." Dum dum tss!!! Hahah no, it was way nice being able to
see loved ones yesterday via Skype. I feel like it's been ages since I
was able to talk to them, so it was great! I'll go ahead and say it,
I'm definitely a "momma's boy" so it was a good Mothers Day present
for me too! I'm convinced I have the best mother out there.

Wow well, like the subject line "one more" says, I down to my final
full week of my mission! What a weird feeling. I'll talk more about
that next Monday in my email, but for my final 9 days of my mission,
I'll be serving in the Kissimmee ward!! IM GETTING TRANSFERRED MY
FINAL WEEK OF MY MISSION. Talk about mixed emotions. I'm like a little
kid getting socks for his birthday. Still pumped that it's my
birthday, but I got socks... Hah yeah, I don't know if that made
sense, basically my thoughts are up and down about it. Everyone In the
ward thought I'd be finishing up my mission here, so they were pretty
shocked hearing it yesterday at church! Later today will be tough
saying goodbye to all of my friends here in the Orlando Zone.
Rindlisbacher, Heward, Thayne, Terry, and the list goes on and on! On
the flip side I'm supposed to serve in Kissimmee for a reason!
Alright, it's pronounced, (kiss-im-ee) kind of like if you say "kiss
him he" but take out the "h's." I'll be in a trio this next week and a
half, so there  shouldn't be a dull moment there! These next two weeks
will be something to remember!

What ended up being my last week here in Waterford Lakes was great.
Monday after P-Day, we started our exchange with the Elders in Winter
Park, and it "worked out best" for me to go back there one last time
with one of my best friends Elder Rindlisbacher. Needless to say, I
was excited about this exchange. Sure enough, we called up Rick Roman
to let him know I was back in the area, and he dropped everything he
had planned and took us to dinner. That dude is too cool.
Service Tuesday was crazy... There were about 25 boxes of some pretty
old oranges in one of the giant freezers at the "UP Center" this week.
It was our job to sort through them and throw the bad ones out! We
didn't think it would be too bad until we were throwing the rotten,
molded, and tattered oranges in boxes and puffs of dust/mildew would
come rising up once the orange hit the ground. It kind of looked like
a giant smoke bomb. (Yes, we had masks on mom :) ) It got really crazy
when our inner fruit ninja came out. At the end of service, a
missionary going home on Tuesday lost in "What Are The Odds" and had
to stick his face in the nasty orange pile!
Tuesday night, we ended by stopping by a person who was recently
baptized in a neighboring ward, but moved to Winter Park a couple
weeks ago. Her name was Nicole and she was way nice! As we got to know
her, she recently went through a divorce and lost custody of her 2
year old son just 3 weeks ago. She hasn't seen him since. Her living
room was filled with photos of her and her 2 year old son, named
Sean. I didn't realize how devastated this lady was until the magnets
on her fridge spelled out "I miss my boy" with more photos surrounding
it. Definitely one of the sadder moments of my mission. Both, Elder
Rindlisbacher and I just felt bad for this women. We bore testimony of
God's plan for us, and how we don't always know exactly why we have
these trials, but there is always a reason for them. She said, " I
guess it really just comes down to exercising and increasing my faith
in God, and his plan for me." We didn't leave the lesson with
everything sorted out perfectly, but we know we left the lesson with
an impression of the spirit, and more hope for Nicole.

*Funny story of the week*
So on exchanges, Elder Rindlisbacher and I were knocking on a less
actives door on the second floor of an apartment complex, all the
sudden Rindlisbacher caught a lizard about 4 inches long!! It was just
a little buddy, then he all the sudden threw it at my face! Lucky I
saw this feller coming at me so I did a quick shoulder turn, and saw
the little guy go right across my eye line. The Lizard hit the ground
running then flew off the walkway of the apartment complex! We were
silent for what felt like the longest 3 seconds of my life. All the
sudden we heard a shrieking yell from a larger than life black women.
Yes, the lizard fell on her and she had a major panic attack. Luckily
she didn't come up the stairs and teach a lesson, she just ran back
into her home panicking. Rindlisbacher and I were cracking up!

Thursday was another sentimental day as it was my final MLC... I gave
my departing testimony and everything. Definitely tough to say goodbye
to that crew! Shout out to my boy Carter Crismon though! This guy
looks great and has almost lost 50 pounds on his mission!

The day started off early of Friday as we drove to the Temple for my
Departing Temple Trip! I was able to go through the Temple with all of
the other missionaries going home this Transfer, along with President
and Sister Berry. They told us to use this time to just relax, think
about these past two years and to just be calm for the first time
since the start of our missions. It was definitely nice to clear my
head and just think. Afterwards, we visited some missionaries on our
way back home and caught up with them for a little bit!

The weekend flew by and before we knew it we were in teaching Sharing
Time for the primary kids because of Mother's Day!

Well, this is it. My last full week of my mission. There were some
points where I never thought it would come, and some times I wish it
never would come and I could be a missionary forever. I'm excited for
what's in store for me in the Kissimmee ward, and how I can serve the
people there for this short amount of time. MY HOMECOMING TALK IS MAY
22nd, and I'd love to see you all there if you can make it. Thanks so
much for the help I receive week in and week out, but a special thanks
to my wonderful mom. I hope everyone has a great week!
Much love,
- Elder Doman

2 Nephi 26:24
"He doeth not anything save it be for the benefit of the world; for he
loveth the world, even that he layeth down his own life that he may
draw all men unto him. Wherefore, he commandeth none that they shall
not partake of his salvation."

Lots of pictures this week!
1: An Elder in the Zone drew this for me! He's a legend!!
2-4: Saying goodbye to some awesome members here in Waterford Lakes!
5-7: Departing Temple Trip, and pictures with Elder Johnson
8: Saying goodbye to some of the Elders!
9: Carter Crismon Ladies and Gentleman! 50 pounds has been dropped by
Elder C on his mission.
10: Rick Roman!!
11-13: Just a little bit of Florida! Hahah these pigs are the biggest
animals I've ever seen

"We call this Bunker Ball!  We just chuck tennis balls at each other.  It's really fun!"

Monday, May 2, 2016

Lots of exchanges this week and getting rejuvenated after stake conference

Friends and Family,

Another one goes down in the books! As usual, this week was all over
the place! There were a lot of fun experiences this week that I'll
never forget. We were on exchanges 5 out of the 7 days this week, and
that definitely pushes the stress and excitement level. The clock
always ticks until at least midnight before going to bed on exchange
nights, as we're trying to get to know each other, so Elder Hummer and
I are pretty run down and tired, but we are going to finish up this
week 6 of the Transfer strong and see some good success!

*Exchange 1, Day 1 w/ Elder Koester*
We kicked off the start of the week by going to the La Costa Wetlands
for a districts District P-Day. Florida is green, but this place was
reaaaallllyyy green! Lots of open fields and swampy lands. There is a
picture below! Afterwards Elder Koester and I headed back to Warerford
Lakes ready to start off the week on the right foot.

*Exchange 1, Day 2 w/ Elder Koester
After Zone Service at the "UP" center Tuesday, Elder Koester and I had
one of the most random days ever. We were heading to our investigators
house named Billy to teach him about the Plan of Salvation. He'd been
reading and seemed pretty interested! Anyways, we knock on his door
and Billy's brother, Dale answers that lives there too. Dale looks
pretty sad and told us Billy is in Jail and won't be out for a
while... Pretty awkward. We were shocked and pretty disheartened, and
weren't too sure how to react. Thank heavens for the Spirit and we
ended up teaching Dale so that's the positive! We talked to him about
the "Questions of the Soul" that the Book of Mormon can answer, and he
seemed to really be interested. We gave him a copy and turned into
something really cool for Dale. We then went over to our Investigator
Davids house across the street who's 16 years old. When we showed up,
he had a brand new TV in his car and he was trying to sell it for
$80.... This again, was pretty awkward and sketchy. We left that area
of town and decided we probably shouldn't go back there for a

*Exchange 1, Day 2.5 w/ Koester
We were off to the races Wednesday morning so we could get to District
Meeting and Exchange afterwards. This was actually one of the best
days of the week! We biked down to a Recent Convert in the ward who
has had a hard time with her testimony of Joseph Smith lately. It was
fun to stick with the basics in the lesson. We went through the first
lesson and by the end she said, "Okay, I get it now. It makes sense.
Joseph Smith had to be a Prophet because God loves us and will
continue to call prophets. It has to be true." The Spirit was tangible
the rest of the day. We then went don't to Bi(redneck town)thlo and
visited Bibi. Bibi is Nicholas' mom who was going to be baptized last
transfer, but backed out the night before his baptism. He backed out
because he made a deal with his mom where if she was off of smoking
and drinking, he'd be baptized if he came to know it was true. Nick
found out 2 days before his baptism that his mom, Bibi, really hadn't
been trying to hard to quit, but just wanted her son baptized. When we
talked with Bibi Wednesday, she is down to 1 cigarette a day and
hasn't had alcohol in 3 weeks. During the lesson we used our muscles
and ripped up her last packs of cigarettes and she resolved to quit
right then. It was great to see her pumped about the changes she's
Change  -  "The act or instance of making or becoming different."
If you look up the word "Repentance" in the Bible Dictionary, this is
what comes up.
"The Greek word of which this is the translation denotes a change of
mind, a fresh view about God, about oneself, and about the world....
Without this there can be no progress in the things of the soul’s
One thing I love about my mission has been seeing individuals make
drastic changes in their lives because they understand and see how it
will one day, bring them back to live with Heavenly Father.
We left for exchanges again Wednesday night as we went to pick up the
Semoran Elders!

-Quote of the Week-
Doman - "what did you do for a job before your mission?"
Hummer - "I was a grounds keeper at a beef farm."

*Exchange 2, Day 1 W/ Elder Harmer*
We had an awesome lesson with Alexey on Thursday afternoon. Because of
his intricate schedule with work, school, family, and friends all
calling for attention, we had a Skype lesson with Alexey this week
(Hallelujah for technology.) We finished up teaching him the Plan of
Salvation and it was another Spiritual Touchdown. At the end of the
lesson we asked if he had any questions. He sat there for a minute
looking down at his palms solemnly. He then said, "guys, I really hope
my family accepts the gospel in the Spirit World. I need to be sealed
with them forever." It ends up his mom has been reading books that are
attacking and contrary to the church and its teachings. This hasn't
effected Alexey though as he knows he needs to be baptized. I felt bad
for this 18 year old who genuinely cares for his families salvation,
but can only do so much for them at this point in his life. I'm
excited for Alexey to continue to progress! He's still set for his
date for baptism!

Friday was my first full day serving with Elder Hummer this week! Most
of the day was spent Weekly Planning. We finished up the evening
trying to find some less actives and then heading out to Bumby to
start up another exchange! Ding ding ding!

*Exchange 3, Day 1 W/ Previous comp Elder Terry*
This was a blast. It was fun to serve with my companion I was just
previously with in my last transfer. We both are going home within the
next few weeks, so we were up pretty late in the night talking! 6:30
arrived too quickly the next morning, and we got all ready to go out
and help a members neighbor move! We spent most of the day loading up
his furniture and unpacking the U-haul at their house. We were
rewarded with some pizza and the "once in a lifetime opportunity" to
hold their Bearded Dragon (see pictures below.) It got to be 2:30 and
we scurried on over to the Par chapel to start off Stake Conference.

Sunday I think I experienced complete exhaustion. I was mentally,
physically, and spiritually worn out! I have never been so grateful
for the Sunday Session of Stake Conference before in my entire life.
The talks given were awesome. They spoke about being grateful for your
circumstances, and not for the material things we have in life.
Another address was on looking outward  and seeking opportunities to
illuminate the light of Christ within ourselves. Again, I realized as
I was sitting in the hard metal chair that I'm here to SERVE. It
doesn't matter how tired and exhausted I am, but that I need to serve
these people in Orlando until I have absolutely nothing left in the
tank. After realizing this, I felt rejuvenated and ready to get out
and work again. I recognized I really don't have too many more
opportunities to serve the people here in Orlando, and I'll miss it
like crazy in a month or so. A big thanks to those who continually
keep me in your thoughts and prayers. I love and miss you guys. I hope
you have a great week!
Much love,
- Elder Doman

1-2: Stake Conference with the bros! Brother Miller in the Winter Park
Ward is the man!
3: The Lacosta Wetlands
4: The Bearded Dragon lizard
5: That's a big stop sign...
6: Yeah, no idea what that says...

I got a text with this picture today telling me that Brock changed his life!

Brock and Elder Hummer heading to Stake conference