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Monday, May 9, 2016

Last week in Waterford Lakes, then spending the next 9 days in Kissimmee??? What the heck?

Friends and Family,

How's everyone doing today?! Yesterday was a great "Mother of All
Holidays..." Dum dum tss!!! Hahah no, it was way nice being able to
see loved ones yesterday via Skype. I feel like it's been ages since I
was able to talk to them, so it was great! I'll go ahead and say it,
I'm definitely a "momma's boy" so it was a good Mothers Day present
for me too! I'm convinced I have the best mother out there.

Wow well, like the subject line "one more" says, I down to my final
full week of my mission! What a weird feeling. I'll talk more about
that next Monday in my email, but for my final 9 days of my mission,
I'll be serving in the Kissimmee ward!! IM GETTING TRANSFERRED MY
FINAL WEEK OF MY MISSION. Talk about mixed emotions. I'm like a little
kid getting socks for his birthday. Still pumped that it's my
birthday, but I got socks... Hah yeah, I don't know if that made
sense, basically my thoughts are up and down about it. Everyone In the
ward thought I'd be finishing up my mission here, so they were pretty
shocked hearing it yesterday at church! Later today will be tough
saying goodbye to all of my friends here in the Orlando Zone.
Rindlisbacher, Heward, Thayne, Terry, and the list goes on and on! On
the flip side I'm supposed to serve in Kissimmee for a reason!
Alright, it's pronounced, (kiss-im-ee) kind of like if you say "kiss
him he" but take out the "h's." I'll be in a trio this next week and a
half, so there  shouldn't be a dull moment there! These next two weeks
will be something to remember!

What ended up being my last week here in Waterford Lakes was great.
Monday after P-Day, we started our exchange with the Elders in Winter
Park, and it "worked out best" for me to go back there one last time
with one of my best friends Elder Rindlisbacher. Needless to say, I
was excited about this exchange. Sure enough, we called up Rick Roman
to let him know I was back in the area, and he dropped everything he
had planned and took us to dinner. That dude is too cool.
Service Tuesday was crazy... There were about 25 boxes of some pretty
old oranges in one of the giant freezers at the "UP Center" this week.
It was our job to sort through them and throw the bad ones out! We
didn't think it would be too bad until we were throwing the rotten,
molded, and tattered oranges in boxes and puffs of dust/mildew would
come rising up once the orange hit the ground. It kind of looked like
a giant smoke bomb. (Yes, we had masks on mom :) ) It got really crazy
when our inner fruit ninja came out. At the end of service, a
missionary going home on Tuesday lost in "What Are The Odds" and had
to stick his face in the nasty orange pile!
Tuesday night, we ended by stopping by a person who was recently
baptized in a neighboring ward, but moved to Winter Park a couple
weeks ago. Her name was Nicole and she was way nice! As we got to know
her, she recently went through a divorce and lost custody of her 2
year old son just 3 weeks ago. She hasn't seen him since. Her living
room was filled with photos of her and her 2 year old son, named
Sean. I didn't realize how devastated this lady was until the magnets
on her fridge spelled out "I miss my boy" with more photos surrounding
it. Definitely one of the sadder moments of my mission. Both, Elder
Rindlisbacher and I just felt bad for this women. We bore testimony of
God's plan for us, and how we don't always know exactly why we have
these trials, but there is always a reason for them. She said, " I
guess it really just comes down to exercising and increasing my faith
in God, and his plan for me." We didn't leave the lesson with
everything sorted out perfectly, but we know we left the lesson with
an impression of the spirit, and more hope for Nicole.

*Funny story of the week*
So on exchanges, Elder Rindlisbacher and I were knocking on a less
actives door on the second floor of an apartment complex, all the
sudden Rindlisbacher caught a lizard about 4 inches long!! It was just
a little buddy, then he all the sudden threw it at my face! Lucky I
saw this feller coming at me so I did a quick shoulder turn, and saw
the little guy go right across my eye line. The Lizard hit the ground
running then flew off the walkway of the apartment complex! We were
silent for what felt like the longest 3 seconds of my life. All the
sudden we heard a shrieking yell from a larger than life black women.
Yes, the lizard fell on her and she had a major panic attack. Luckily
she didn't come up the stairs and teach a lesson, she just ran back
into her home panicking. Rindlisbacher and I were cracking up!

Thursday was another sentimental day as it was my final MLC... I gave
my departing testimony and everything. Definitely tough to say goodbye
to that crew! Shout out to my boy Carter Crismon though! This guy
looks great and has almost lost 50 pounds on his mission!

The day started off early of Friday as we drove to the Temple for my
Departing Temple Trip! I was able to go through the Temple with all of
the other missionaries going home this Transfer, along with President
and Sister Berry. They told us to use this time to just relax, think
about these past two years and to just be calm for the first time
since the start of our missions. It was definitely nice to clear my
head and just think. Afterwards, we visited some missionaries on our
way back home and caught up with them for a little bit!

The weekend flew by and before we knew it we were in teaching Sharing
Time for the primary kids because of Mother's Day!

Well, this is it. My last full week of my mission. There were some
points where I never thought it would come, and some times I wish it
never would come and I could be a missionary forever. I'm excited for
what's in store for me in the Kissimmee ward, and how I can serve the
people there for this short amount of time. MY HOMECOMING TALK IS MAY
22nd, and I'd love to see you all there if you can make it. Thanks so
much for the help I receive week in and week out, but a special thanks
to my wonderful mom. I hope everyone has a great week!
Much love,
- Elder Doman

2 Nephi 26:24
"He doeth not anything save it be for the benefit of the world; for he
loveth the world, even that he layeth down his own life that he may
draw all men unto him. Wherefore, he commandeth none that they shall
not partake of his salvation."

Lots of pictures this week!
1: An Elder in the Zone drew this for me! He's a legend!!
2-4: Saying goodbye to some awesome members here in Waterford Lakes!
5-7: Departing Temple Trip, and pictures with Elder Johnson
8: Saying goodbye to some of the Elders!
9: Carter Crismon Ladies and Gentleman! 50 pounds has been dropped by
Elder C on his mission.
10: Rick Roman!!
11-13: Just a little bit of Florida! Hahah these pigs are the biggest
animals I've ever seen

"We call this Bunker Ball!  We just chuck tennis balls at each other.  It's really fun!"

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