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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Dunkin' on Santa and lovin' the Leesburg zone!

Friends and Family,

Well, here we are again! Back to December. Winter in Florida is pretty
fantastic. it's about 75 degrees outside, sunny and there is a perfect
breeze outside. I love it. This week was probably the best one I've
had in Eustis this far. Elder Chidester and I were able to accomplish
a lot and have some great things happen!

I've mentioned a guy named Eddie a couple of times in my emails, but
this man is just an overall stud. He had his first seizure at 17 years
old and has several more through out his life. He still has an
awesome, positive outlook on life and couldn't be happier. He's been
in a wheelchair for the past 15 years and definitely has had a tough
life, but still continues to be grateful for what he has. His life
story and the way he has reacted to his trials remind me of the story
of Job in the Old Testament. The reason I bring this story up, is
because for the first time in 6 months he attended church yesterday!
To quote Eddie, he said, "Well Elder D, I haven't felt this good in a
looooonnnngggg time." Hahah he's definitely someone I'll always

Our investigator Sherry is doing pretty good! We were able to meet
with her a couple of times this week and both were pretty big time
lessons. We tried to set a baptismal date the last couple of times we
met with her, and for some reason something just hasn't been clicking.
This week we find out that she still actually hasn't told her husband
she has been meeting with us. That's kind of a bummer, but the cool
thing is, is that she knows the church is true, and that eventually
she needs to be a baptized member. This week should be a huge one for

Thursday was a big day for us!! To start off, we had MLC so I was able
to catch up with all of my good friends from around the mission. It's
always a good time to see and talk with those dudes. It was President
Berry's Birthday Wednesday so we were able to celebrate with some cake
and ice cream after the meeting. This definitely "put the icing on the
cake" dum dum tss (shout out to my sister Brittany.) After MLC we
headed back on the long lonely drive to farm country, and Eustis
Florida. We were dropping by some potential/former investigators homes
when we knocked on a guys house named Freddy.  He was way nice and
invited us right into his home. After having some more conversation,
it ends up his life just got really busy when he was previously
meeting with the missionaries and lost contact with them. He's been
reading from the Book of Mormon and just didn't know how to get back
in contact with the Elders! Definitely a cool miracle, and we can't
wait to start teaching him this week!

Saturday I went on an Exchange with one of the Assistants in the
Mission! I was able to learn from the big dogs up top, as Elder
Langston came out to Eustis with me. He served in Eustis about 6
months ago, so it was pretty fun for him to go and see some of the
previous people he taught. We were able to be pretty bold with some of
the less actives he was teaching and we are still teaching that have t
really made much progress. It was kind of nice having him in their to
help some less active members realize they have more potential as
children of God then what they are doing now.

Funny Story Alert! So at the beginning of the Transfer, we started
dunking on missionaries through out the zone with a small nerf
basketball hoop that normally hang up on the doors in the house. What
"dunking" means is that we have one person sneak up behind a
missionary with the nerf hoop, then have another missionary "dunk" on
them when they aren't expecting it. Well, to finish up the story,
after exchanges Saturday night, we decide to dunk on one of the
Assistants. There is a video below. This video is particularly funny
because they took a Christmas picture after our exchange and he is
dressed up like Santa! Hahaha we think it's pretty funny anyways!

Another cool thing that happened this week was with a man named Joe!
(I know, we are teaching a lot of pretty generic names "Eddie, Joe,
Freddy.") But we had an awesome lesson with Joe this week. Joe is
starting his return to the church after being inactive for a little
while. This week, he asked about the Fall of Adam and Eve and if it
needed to happen. Once we explained the Plan of Salvation and shared a
few scriptures with him, he totally understood Gods plan and felt His
love again. I have to say sharing the Plan of Salvation is probably my
favorite discussion to have out here on my mission. It's pretty cool
to see over and over again when people understand that Heavenly Father
has a specific plan for them and their family how positive and excited
they are afterwards is pretty awesome. I've definitely gained a
stronger testimony and love for the Plan of Salvation of this past
year and a half.

That just about "wraps" up the week here in Eustis, and hopefully you
all are "wrapping" up some gifts for the holidays! I hope my puns make
somebody laugh! Well time is still moving pretty quickly for me. I
love my mission and what it's entailed so far. Know that I'm grateful
for the great friends and family that I have who continue to support
me. A mission is definitely hard this time of year, but it seems like
before I know it, I'll be back in St. George with you all again. Have
a great week!

This is a guy that Brock baptized in the beginning of his mission, he just recently received the Melchizedek priesthood.  He's one of Brock's favorite investigators!
- Elder Doman

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