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Monday, April 18, 2016

Being dropped is hard, but we found some new investigators too!

Friends and Family,

It's a sunny Monday afternoon here in Waterford Lakes, as Elder Hummer
and I are sitting out on the back patio of our apartment clubhouse
catching some rays in the "Sunshine State." It's been a pretty good
week down here as we are seeing some sweet finding miracles. We have
had to drop, and have been dropped by a lot of investigators recently.
That's the toughest part of missionary work for sure. Seeing the best
potential that individuals have, then having them deny and reject it.
It's certainly tough, it's part of the work! We were constantly
blessed and were able to see the hand of The Lord in our work this
week! I'm hyped to write about it! I'll talk about some of my favorite
experiences that happened this week!

We had the funniest dinner Monday night. We were eating with a couple
that has recently converted to the church. The wife is Spanish with so
much sass and messes with us just about the whole time we are over
there. Totally picks on Elder Hummer and I. Anyway, they went off for
like a 45 minute discussion just between the two of them about
conspiracy theories. We were cracking up and having a great time just
watching them go off. We ended up having a great lesson and they had 3
referrals for us to go try to teach this upcoming week! Wooo!

*finding miracles*
On Saturday I was on exchanges with Elder Ashworth. He went to Lone
Peak and we are pretty good friends out here on the mish, and will be
afterwards too! Anyway, we had a couple of back to back investigator
appointments cancel on us last minute in the middle of the
afternoon.... Crap. We had a member out with us and everything. We
didn't want to waste the members time, but we also wanted to help her
have a good missionary experience. We decided to stop by some Former
Investigators in the area. We knock the first door looking for a man
named "Dacarr" and a 26 year old girl answers... Probably not Dacarr.
But, we ask her if he knows who he is, and she told us it was her dad,
then invites us in. We sit down and start getting to know her and she
just moved in a few weeks ago from North Dakota for her work, but
she's looking for a home and church here! We could help with one of
those needs. We taught her the restoration, and bam. She committed to
be baptized once she came to know if this was true.
We finish up the lesson and as we are walking out of the door, across
the street we see a mom and her kids playing outside. We went on over
and started to talk with them and taught them about the Book of
Mormon. They were very receptive!! Her name was Desiree and she
believed in Jesus Christ, but just didn't really know what to do about
it. She also committed to be baptized once she knew it was true!
It was awesome to see how everything just was synchronized, and worked
out perfectly.
Proverbs 3:5-6
"Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own
In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths."

The O-Zone also had Interviews with President Berry this Wednesday!
Elder Hummer and I we were able to train at 3 District Meetings back
to back to back while President was pulling missionaries aside to do
their interviews while the meeting was going. Honestly, It was pretty
exhausting. The first meeting started at 8 and we didn't leave the
chapel until 4:15 later that afternoon. It was fun to see all of the
missionaries in such a short period of time though!

The funny story of the week...
We were walking into an appointment Friday evening. We had had a solid
Weekly Planning and were ready to go out and teach! Elder Hummer parks
the car across the street and we start towards the house. Everything
is fine, then all of the sudden Elder Hummer is on the gravel with 2
holes in his pants!!! We still aren't sure how he tripped, but he
ripped his pants in the back and also on the knee where he landed! I
was trying so hard not to laugh!! He wasn't injured but totally
shredded his pants! Lolol good times, good times #swagger

There is a family named the Milla's in the ward and they have a son
who isn't baptized. His name is Michael and he is "busy" or "at work"
every time we have an appointment. Well this time, we outsmarted the
system. We decided to stop by their home when we "needed to use the
bathroom, and get a glass of water." The whole family actually came to
sit in on the a lesson and the spirit was totally there. We were
surprised when Michael actually said he would read the Book of Mormon
and wouldn't mind us stopping by again sometime. Definitely a success
for the week. (So I just tried to type out "success" by my iPad auto
corrected it to "sissies" hahahah)

To finish up there is one more success story that occurred this week.
We have this investigator named Alexy, and he comes to church every
single week with a family in the ward. He's 18 years old and his
hometown is some city that I still can't fully understand what he's
saying when he tells me. I've asked him like 5 times and I still have
no idea what he's saying. Anyways the dude is from Russia.  He does
online school and is about to graduate high school while working
almost a full time job in a marketing company. His schedule makes it
almost impossible to meet with him, but we pin pointed to meet this
past Sunday after church for a few minutes. He told us he's been
reading the Book of Mormon and is almost to Jacob! He reads it every
day with his girlfriend that is a member. He said he's prayed about
Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon, and has received an answer this
week that it is all true. He feels the need to be baptized, but wants
to take the missionary discussions first to make sure he understands
all of the principles correctly. Alexy is what we call a prepared or
golden investigator.

I like this experience because it showed me that even after my
mission, I can still be a missionary. I'm excited to apply the things
that I've learned on my mission. With today being my 22nd month mark
looking back at it, it's gone by pretty quick! I appreciate the help
and support I'm receiving. Hopefully everyone has a great week!
Much Love,
- Elder Doman

1: Some people call me Ray Charles
2-4: Blue tie interviews!
5: someone thinks they are funny and did this to our car...

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