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Monday, October 13, 2014

"So, I guess I'm going to be in the background of a Mormon Message!"

Friends and Family,

I had another great week here in Buena Vista South, and I hope all of you had a good week as well! With the temperature starting to cool down, it makes it a lot more enjoyable to go “finding” in the hot sun, and more people are out and about as well. I no longer return to the apartment dripping sweat, so that's a bonus!

We had the opportunity to watch "Meet the Mormons" at our Zone Transfer Meeting this week. It's an awesome movie and I highly recommend watching it! The movie is a documentary about 6 members from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints doing their day-to- day activities. It will be playing in regular movie theaters, and it came out on Friday! It's awesome how it shows 6 completely different people in different situations all believe and practice the same faith. For more information about it, go to meettheMormons.com
I can't remember if I said this in one of my prior emails or not, but one morning in Palm Bay we were in the middle of personal study when Elder Willard's chair broke and he fell over backwards all the way to the ground. Well, it happened again here with Elder Fullmer. We returned from our apartment after our morning workout and were in the middle of our studies. It was quiet, peaceful, and spiritual when all of the sudden I hear a loud snap and then down goes Elder Fullmer. He had been leaning on the back wheels of his office chair when one of the wheels had snapped off! It was one of the funniest things I've ever seen! I was laughing so hard! One thing I've definitely learned is that I better not lean back on my chair! 

Thursday night, BYU came and played UCF (University of Central Florida) for football! Unfortunately, we, as missionaries were unable to attend. That would have been fun, but too bad for us I guess! UCF is in our mission boundaries and is only about 45 minutes from Disney World. There were so many members of the Buena Vista YSA Ward there it was crazy! They organized a road trip just for those who wanted to go to the game. It was funny to try to set up a lesson with a member, investigator, or even a potential investigator Thursday night because they were all either going to the game or watching it! It was making us laugh just how many people happened to be "busy" that night.

So, I guess I am going to be in the background of a Mormon Message! The church wants to do a Mormon Message on General Conference and what a Recent Convert thought of it. They randomly selected a recent convert of the church, and it just so happened to be from our YSA Ward! How lucky is that? They followed her around on Wednesday with occasional interviews, then filmed her playing volleyball at Night Games! I thought that was pretty lucky! There were 3 camera guys filming us playing volleyball, I felt like a pro. It should be out in a month or so, but I'll make sure to let you know! 

For an update on the investigator I talked about last week who started reading from the Book of Mormon- 
   We met with her again on Tuesday totally excited for this lesson. We went through the Restoration again and it was a totally different experience for her. She was asking questions and was very engaged in what we had to say. Once we finished, she said an awesome closing prayer and the spirit was just so strong. We left her with a the Plan of Salvation Pamphlet and told her to look through it if she had time.
   We came back to our return appointment on Saturday and we're looking forward to this lesson so much! We sit down with her, say an opening prayer, and ask her if she has had a chance to read from the Book of Mormon or anything from the Pamphlet we left with her. She then reaches down, and pulls out a journal along with the Book of Mormon. In her journal she had taken notes on every bullet point in the pamphlet, them wrote down her own thoughts on it! What an awesome feeling that was! She said she read through the pamphlet and couldn't stop smiling after. She had never really thought about Heavenly Father loving her so much that he mad a specific plan for her. On top of that, God made a plan for her family. It just made her so happy! We were able to see the joy it brought to her just by the way she was talking about it. I remember her saying this that made me feel pretty special too, she said,"Out of all the people that have ever been on earth, are on earth, and will ever be on earth, God knows and loves me. He loves me so much he made an individual plan for me to return to Him." I thought that was just awesome. 

I know that this church is true. The joy it brings to people couldn't come from anywhere or anyone else other than our Heavenly Father. It's so cool to be able to feel the spirit this way each day! It's something I'll never forget! Thanks again for all of the support!
Much love,

Elder Doman

In letters home this week:

Thank you so much for the package!! Holy cow, you saved me! We have gotten so much Halloween candy and other bad food from investigators and members it's crazy! Now that I have my triscuts, fruit and nut mix, mangoes, and protein bars I'll be great! :) The work in this area is tough. It's a challenge. We can't really go knocking doors, because our whole area is just 3 apartment complexes which are gated. The only way to get inside is if a member comes to let us in. But if we get caught "soliciting" we can never go back in there! So the way we find new people to teach is just walking back and forth from apartment complex to apartment complex. It gets a little boring! Luckily you taught me a fun game where you pick a number between 1-10 (let's say I pick 4,) then the fourth car that drives by is mine! Hahah it keeps us pretty entertained!

To answer your questions:
- when I said I was looking forward to the transfer, I meant like we were looking forward to working together. Every 6 weeks, there is a transfer. And there is a possibility that after the 6 weeks are up, one of us could leave. So we were looking forward to these 6 weeks.

-it would be awesome to stay in this area. It's so much fun! I think I will probably stay for one more transfer. So another 6 weeks after this transfer is over.

- I think it would be best if you just put some money on my card for some pants! These ones are getting giant. It's almost funny to see! Thank you! If you need to wait until the beginning of next month,
that's okay! I bet if you told grandpa, he'd give some money for it. And tell grandma there is no way I'm wearing suspenders! Hahahah

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