Our intent of this blog is to share Brock's adventures in Orlando, Florida while he's on his LDS mission. Hopefully, by reading about how Brock is changing the lives of so many, and seeing Brock's own personal growth in the gospel, the people reading this blog will also be able to feel the spirit and be inspired to strengthen or develop their own testimonies of Christ and the LDS church.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Bike safety, spilled milk, and a miracle lesson in the stairway!

Brock told me that he didn’t send pictures this week because he had a lot of stress and was very busy!!  But, he promised he would do better next week.  I loved what he told me about how much time he has left on his mission, he cracks me up!

“It's crazy to think that in 1 year from now, I'll be mowing the lawn, and things will be back to the normal, almost as nothing ever happened. PSYCH! This mission has changed so much about me it's insane. I feel like I will be different and have different values when I return. It will be weird for the first little bit, but it will be good!

It's almost time to Skype again!! Then after that skype call, I will have another 6 months, then we can skype again, and then in three months after that, I'll be home! Mind Blowing huh? I have like 7 more transfers on my mission. WOW! time is flying.” 

Friends and Family, 

March Madness is real here in Winter Park, even if we aren't talking about basketball! Elder Wesemann and I had one of the most successful weeks so far on my mission, and we were really focused on our purpose. A lot of good hard work = a lot of miracles seen! 

Monday: Elder Wesemann and I don't have the car for the rest of March, so that means we went shopping hoping we could carry our groceries with the help from our bags and bike handlebars. The closest grocery store is about 2 miles away so we were hoping for a miracle delivering the groceries home in safety. Unfortunately, the only item that didn't make it was the milk.We took a sharp turn and it flew off of Elder Wesemann's handlebars into the middle of the road and broke on impact. We didn't cry over spilt milk though.... dum dum tss. (Shout out to my sister Brittany)

Tuesday: We had Zone Conference all day Tuesday as we learned how we can use all of our time effectively, working with members, and bike safety. Elder Wesemann and I were trying not to laugh as the mental picture of the milk splattering on the pavement came to mind throughout the presentation. The Conference pushed the "Eternal Perspective" and how short our time here on Earth is, and then how short our time on our mission is. Afterwards the mission was ready to go out and work! 

Wednesday: Busy! We pushed ourselves and did a lot of teaching. Our Investigator Ashley is doing great and is really enjoying the Book of Mormon. She likes the stories inside the book, and is waiting for God to answer her prayers that the stories are true! Wednesday on the way home, we had a man ask us if we could talk to him about Jesus Christ, and why he was important. He didn't know what he was getting into :) Jim accepted the Book of Mormon and was happy to read it! 

Thursday: More teaching and reactivation with some members. We've been working with a really less active member of the Church who now has the desire to get to the temple. We found him about a month ago, he now has a plan to get to the temple. It was one of the greatest miracles. He testified of the power of prayer and threw his cigarettes away at the end of our meeting! We can't wait to see him this week! 

Friday: Weekly Planning and finding! Friday evening we had a dinner with a member. We knocked at 5 PM sharp excited for some dinner! They informed us that they thought it was planned for 6 and asked if we could come back then. As we walked down the stairs of their apartmen, a young man walked by.  Elder Wesemann and I have been focused on talking with everyone and getting out of our comfort zone! We taught him on the spot and it ends up he has been looking for a church to join for the last 4 years. His name is Tyrone, and we taught him on the stairs leading up to his apartment because his family was inside and he would have been embarrassed for us to see his family like that. We testified of the Restoration and set a baptismal date with him! The members that lived next door, then came down and joined us in the lesson and dinner was in the oven. They offered him a ride to church and are now the best of friends. The members invited Tyrone to dinner with us, and he gladly accepted the invitation. It was fantastic to see how the members were so open and were such a big part of this man's conversion. God is so real. It was amazing to see how God is literally directing us in every step we take. 

Saturday: Exchanges with Elder Horne! Elder and I get along great. He is from Murray, Utah so we had a lot to talk about! Great day with more finding and teaching!

Sunday: Tyrone came to church and loved it! 3rd hour was all about how we can keep the chapel clean and making assignments to clean the building as a ward. We were nervous to see what Tyrone would think after having a very different 3rd hour of Church. But Tyrone is a stud and thought that it was important information to talk about. I don't know if that means our chapel was dirty, or if he just likes a clean church when he attends! 

I loved this week of my mission. I am enjoying every aspect of my mission, and can't wait for this upcoming week. I've learned so much from my mission. I'm eternally grateful for this experience, and for the life lessons that I'm learning. Thank you for all of the support I'm receiving. You guys are the best! 

Much Love,
Elder Doman

"Spiritual light rarely comes to those who sit in darkness, waiting for someone to flip a switch. It takes an act of faith to open our eyes to the light of Christ." 

-       "The Hope of God's Light" Mormon Message

I'm not sure who this is with Brock, probably just another one of his buddies.  Brock is always seeking out people that need a friend!

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