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Friday, November 27, 2015

Elder Chidester is a stud!

Brock and Elder Husbands

Artie's wedding

Friends and Family,

This has been an awesome week here in Eustis! Some how, Thanksgiving
is already here. Thinking back a whole year ago, when I was with Elder
Potter for Thanksgiving totally blows my mind. Its been a quick year!
Well, there have been some big changes this week, but definitely good
ones. My new companion is great, our area is doing better, and I'm
loving life. I don't have too much time today, but I'll share the top
stories of the week!

1 - As always, I was nervous headed into Transfer Meeting. Elder
Stewart has now been in Cedar City for almost a week. That's pretty
weird to think! Anyways, my new companion, Elder Chidester! This kid
is awesome. He's from Cedar Hills, Utah and we get along great. We are
just about the same person and have the same interests! He played
football at Lone Peak, and is just a stud. I'm really looking forward
to this transfer!!

2- Our investigator Artie got married this weekend! Woohoo!! He
married a returning member to the church and he is now even happier.
He's one big, jolly man and is one of the funniest people I know. Now
that he's married, he can continue moving forward and set a baptismal
date this week. They have 2 teenagers who are also returning to the
church with them. It's pretty cool to play just a small part in this
big time during their lives! Elder Chidester and were talking after
the wedding about how much this Gospel changes individuals and
families. With Artie and his wife faith, they said 2 years ago, they
never would have thought they'd be married in the church. It's
definitely brought them and their families closer together. I've
learned that this gospel truly is for everyone, no matter what their
circumstance is.

3- We have been working with a less active member named Joe for the
last few weeks, and he's one of the most humble guys I know. Every
time we stop by, he wants to learn so much about the life of Jesus
Christ and specifically the Atonement. Joe is a cool example because
of how much love he has for the Savior. He's been attending church the
past couple of weeks, and has just been taking off! He called us a
couple days ago and just told us how grateful he was for us.
Definitely a cool night!

4- We are working with a lady with named Sherri, and she is making a
ton of progress! We met with her this week and had one if the best
lessons of my mission. The spirit was so strong there and we extended
a baptismal invitation. She was really worried when we first started
teaching her for the moment when we invited her, but we felt like it
was time to do it. She accepted the baptismal invite, and couldn't
deny the spirit it the room.

Sorry about the shorter email, we are really busy today! It was 45
degrees this morning, and I feel like a camel taking a dip into the
Arctic Ocean! It's definitely a change, and will open up our lungs in
this crisp weather! I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving! I'll be
thinking and praying for each of you! Holidays are always tough on the
mission, but I know without I'm where I need to be, and where Heavenly
Father wants me to be. I'm grateful for those who continue to support
me, and are walking with me step by step in this journey! Have a great
turkey day!

Much Love,

- Elder Doman

John 14:18

I will not leave you comfortless: I will come to you. 

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