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Monday, November 2, 2015

Hunter's baptism and lots and lots of service!!!

For some reason it won't let me post any pictures today unless they're at the top of the email, so here goes.

Wow, I"m so proud!!!

This guy and his wife are hilarious!  I love getting pictures from them.  The Reislings.

Hunter's baptism.

I love getting texts like this!  It made me laugh so hard.

Brock wearing a tie that Britt sent him, looking good!

Friends and Family,

Another week bites the dust after a spooky Halloween. Alright, it
wasn't spooky at all, but I just thought it was a clever into. This
week was a blast!  Hopefully everyone had a fun and safe Halloween!!!

Monday- We had FHE with an awesome family in the Ward called the
Erickson's on Monday night and it was way fun. They have 3 kids, and
live in a sweet neighborhood on the outskirts of a rural part of
Eustis. I feel like I'm getting settled into this Ward really well and
Elder Stewie and I are working well with the members.

On Tuesday we started out or day chopping down this ladies back yard,
a.k.a. jungle with her 2 lucky machetes. We ripped out a bunch of
potato vines, planted 4 trees, and cut s path out to the lake behind
her home. It was a blast! Fortunately, this is the same sister that
takes us to Ichiban afterwards, so we weren't complaining at all. ;)
Tuesday afternoon, we saw our good pal Eddie. Eddie has had some
strokes in his life which has put him in a wheelchair. His attitude
about life is great though. I've never seen the guy angry, crying, or
upset. He's always happy!  Later that night we went to Hunter's house
and made sure he was all set for his baptism! Him and the rest of his
family were so excited for this to happen. Its been a long wait! I'll
talk more about it later in the email!

Wednesday was another day full of service! We started off by a good
District Meeting and the day was going great. Afterwards, we get a
call from a young couple in the Ward asking us if we could help them
move for a little bit. When we got there, there were a couple non
members helping out so it was good to get some interaction in with
them. Maybe in the future something will come from it. This really
where most of our day was spent! On Wednesday night, our Ward has a
Book of Mormon class that we go and read out loud for an hour. I like
this time a lot because it gives us some time to take a step back and
have some time to just read. The studies in the morning give us some
time, but it seems like we are preparing something during that time.
So that extra hour Wednesday night is great. I definitely love it! If
there is one thing for sure that has happened to me on my mission,
it's that I've definitely gained a solid testimony of the Book of
Mormon. I've learned to love that Book and understand how important it
can be. I feel like It's the "game changer" of my day. If I have good
studies and really learn from it. It changes my outlook on the whole
day. I love it!

On Thursday we had Exchanges. I was with Elder Gillen! Elder Gillen
and I go back to the days when we were in the same district, when I
was in Winter Park. It was fun to catch up and work with him again to
see how everything is going with his mission. We saw a cool miracle as
we were knocking doors! It was about 3:30 in the afternoon and our
lesson at 4 just canceled. Had a dinner in that area at 5 and were
just in a little puzzle. We didn't know what to do. The thought came
of, "why not knock?" So we laced up our shoes a little bit tighter and
off we went. After about 15 minutes a less active family in the Ward
drove past and pulled over on the side of the road. Not knowing who
they were, we approached the car cautiously. After talking with them
for a little bit they said they'd love to have us come by sometime
this week. It made our day, and boosted our spirits for the remainder
of our day. It didn't seem like much until I took a step back, and
realized that Heavenly Father provided a way for a couple of sweaty
missionaries to be happier.

Friday... Weekly Planning. Bang. A nice long weekly planning session
as we set some good goals for this upcoming week. We then went and we
saw Hunter's dad, Jerry who is starting to be more interested in the
church! We are hoping he reads from the Book of Mormon this week to
learn more about what his son was joining. We are excited to see what
comes from this. HUNTERS BAPTISM. Here's, the thing. This was probably
the best baptism of my mission. Their family of 4 was so stinkin
happy!! Man, I love it! Singing "Families Can Be Together Forever" for
the opening hymn was awesome. It was fun to sit in the room and look
around.  Lindsey, (Hunter's wife) had almost her whole family their.
Thinking about what this baptism will not only do for Hunter, but for
the 30 or so different individuals, now having a new member of their
family baptized, and eventually sealed to their extended family was
pretty amazing. Everyone was happy, Everything went smoothly, and the
spirit was there!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!! Saturday we did some more service!! We cut down an
older guys bushes, pressure washed the house, and cleaned up his yard.
After we finished up we drove to an older single sisters home and
moved around some heavy plants and trees! To finish up our service
run, we went over to GM's (brother reising's) and dug up a big hole in
his back yard to get all the old sand out of there. When we finished
up it was about 5pm and we spooked (tired, beat, worn out, etc... Just
wanted to throw in a Halloween pun...) for our Halloween night we went
to the Ericksens home and helped them pass out candy.

Sunday we did a lot of planning! Our Zone has interviews with
President Berry this week. That means this is the week where we have
one day where we have 3 two hour meetings that we are in charge of.
It's probably one of the most stressful days of the mish! We are
excited to see how these meetings work out on Tuesday!

It's been a fun week full of helping others around us. I love service
because you feel so accomplished once you are finished! All around, I
loved this week. Thanks again  for all of the prayers sent out my way.
I love and miss you all!

-Elder Doman

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