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Monday, October 26, 2015

Ward Trunk or Treat and eating Mayo!

Friends and Family,

How in the world is this weekend already Halloween!? It's getting to
be really nice down here in Eustis, and I'm beginning to really love
it here. There are some awesome members, investigators, and all sorts
of God fearing people here. As I've worked with the Cowboys, rednecks,
and all different walks of life in this area I've learned so much
about how to talk with all kinds of people. We were able to find some
more people to teach, which is always helpful! It's been fun to work
with some new missionaries I've never met these past 3 weeks, and get
to know some life long buddies.

Our investigator Hunter Mallory passed his Baptismal Interview this
week, and is all set and ready to go for his baptism this Friday! Him
and his family are some of the funniest people I've met on my mission.
They bore some solid testimony of how the gospel has changed their
life over these past two years. Hunter and his wife Lindsey have moved
in together, got married, and now are in the process of getting
baptized this upcoming weekend, because they know that this church and
the principles taught in it are true. The lesson in Gospel Principles
this week was on the Law of Chastity, and it was pretty awesome to
hear how this one commandment has changed their entire life for the
better, and has brought their family closer than ever as they bore
testimony of it in front of the class.

This week was the Ward Halloween "Trunk or Treat" and it was a blast!
It was a great opportunity for me to really get to know the members.
Elder Stewart dressed up as twins! (See pic below) there were a ton of
great costumes and I really love the Ward I'm in now. The picture is
with the Dorephler family and they are awesome. They dressed up like
the Despicable Me crew and they were hilarious. They definitely won
the costume contest. This Ward, believe it or not, is composed of a
lot of really fancy, upper class, people with cowboy accents. Most
have pretty big homes with barns in the back yard. It's a lifestyle
I'm not used to, but I am beginning to kind of like the western life.

We have been teaching an investigator named Bob, and he is definitely
in the rougher side. He was a part of a biker gang for 33 years of his
life and has been out for the last 5. He's what I'd call a "tough
guy." He has been looking for a church to change his life ever since
then. We've been working with him ever since I arrived in L-Beezy and
he's changed so much. He moves to West Virginia tomorrow to move in
with his son.  As we said goodbye Sunday, we asked him to bear his
testimony to us. As tears filled his eyes, he struggled to even speak.
The atonement of Jesus Christ helps all become and reach their full

Funny story alert! So I've spoke a little bit about a man named
Brother Reising (GM). Let's just say him and his wife "nana" are
awesome. My first day here in Eustis, they pranked and joked with me
GM and Nana
soooo many times!! I didn't know what to believe. I decided this week
it was the time to get them back. So at the store on Monday, we got
some mini mayo containers and a packet of White Chocolate Pudding. We
emptied out the container and filled it in with the pudding. We got to
their house and while walking through the door I was eating what
looked like a container of straight Mayo! Nana was dying!!! She said
"DOMAN! WHAT ON EARTH ARE YOU EATING?!? That's sick!" I told her I was
on this crazy diet to prepare for football when I get back. She didn't
believe me for the longest time. When she eventually she figured it
she promised to get back at me. I love this Ward

.... Other than the fact that as we show up to Church Sunday morning,
we get a text asking us to speak in Sacrament meeting. Pretty nerve
racking to be honest!!! We were asked to speak on the Parable of the
Prodigal son and Luke chapter 15 in general. I definitely learned to
be grateful for the Holy Ghost.

I've really learned to love my mission no matter where you are at. The
Church and its teaching are the same everywhere and that something to
be happy about in itself. I'm grateful for all the support and prayers
sent my way. I love and miss you all!

- Elder Doman

Luke 15:20
" And he arose, and came to his father. But when he was yet a great
way off, his father saw him, and had compassion, and ran, and fell on
his neck, and kissed him"

One more thing!!! If you remember Brandi Litts from Daytona Beach, she
was baptized this past weekend! WOOHOO!!!

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