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Monday, March 21, 2016

Rats and cockroaches, lessons in vietnamese, and perfume and BO

Friends and family,

Hopefully everyone had a great week! I know down here in the O.R.L
things went great! From "Tip off" to the "final whistle" this week, we
had some fun and experienced a lot of miracles. Hitting my 21 month
mark this past week was pretty surreal, realizing that I don't have
too much longer out here in the field. With this being an extended
week 7 of the transfer, this Saturday I find out where I will finish
up my last transfer here in the Promise Land. Fortunately no one puked
or felt sick this week, so we made sure to have a "no huddle offense"
paced week!

For service this Tuesday, I'm pretty sure it was the nastiest service
project I've ever done. I know I said this last week, but this one
takes the cake. Hopefully I haven't just turned into a baby out here
since week after week I say we do gross service projects, but I think
I'm justified on this one.
So we get to the "UP" center Tuesday morning and the manager takes the
Zone to the door of the back warehouse. She then supplies is with
masks and gloves and then we know we are in for something good. The
Warehouse was filled with boxes filled with gallons of water, and
Gatorade bottles that haven't been touched in over 6 months. There
were comforters and bed sheets that had holes all throughout them from
the rats and mice that created a home from them. Our job was to throw
all of the old boxes into the dumpster, and trap all mice on sticky
pads/traps that try to escape.... As we picked up some of the boxes,
cockroaches would flee away, run out of the boxes, and scurry into
safety. Stats for the day- 14 mice trapped, >1,000 cockroaches
revealed, 1 gallon Gatorade that smelled of rat feces smelling on our
The manager greatly thanked us, and is rewarding us with some pizza
next week! We walked away feeling pretty accomplished!
After we freshened up, Tuesday night we were called to give a blessing
to an older Sister in the Ward who has been returning to activity in
the church! She was grateful to see us when we walked in and said she,
"instantly started feeling better when we walked in her home."

Wednesday after District Meeting, we were stopping by houses of some
less active members when we saw this couple who looked like they were
in distress. We started a conversation with them and they were very
prepared for the gospel. The husband, Billy is attending a church
right now but isn't liking it at all. He has a lot of concerns with
religion in general, but said it would be fine for is to show him and
his wife Brandi a Easter Video! After the video, they both said they
felt a lot more calm and relaxed. We shared with them part of the
Restoration, and they were loving it! They didn't have too much time
but we are meeting with them Tomorrow! Definitely a cool experience.
Wednesday evening, we met with Nicholas and Chris who baptismal date
for the 26th! These kids are awesome. I've talked about the, before in
my email and they are studs. We reviewed Temples and Baptisms for the
dead and they were both pumped to go after their baptism!

Thursday exchanges with Elder Chugg! Yes that's his real name too. We
are teaching in Investigator named Hai (Hi), and she is from Vietnam.
She doesn't know too much English, but this week we were able to give
her a Book of Mormon in Vietnamese! When we started talking with her,
she told us she thought the story of Jesus Christ was very sad and
depressing because he died for all of us. When we explained the
Resurrection, and bore testimony of how Jesus Christ gave us the
opportunity to repent, she understood it a lot more! It was a good
reminder to always stick with the basics of the gospel. You know what
they say, you can't eat an elephant in one bite. At some points I kind
of felt like the communication between each of us flowed about as well
as Taylor Swift trying to rap (not good) but we think she still felt
the spirit, so that's good! We also saw a less active member who was
literally blown up 3 times in 30 minutes in the Vietnam war! Pretty
interesting story there!

Frideey we went and prepped Nick and Chris for their baptismal
interview! We knew they were ready and excited for their interview
Saturday. We had a few minutes before our member showed up for the
lesson and we were all just standing outside of their trailer, when we
decided to channel our inner March Madness and play a quick game of
P.I.G. before the member showed up. It was fun to relax for a few
minutes and have Nick and Chris see that we are actual people and not
just some robots!
*Miracle of the Week*
So it's a requirement for investigators to come to church twice before
they are able to be baptized here in the F.O.M. Nicholas and Chris had
only been once prior to this Sunday, so it was vital for them to come
to church this week. Anyways, Chris and his family had planned a
get-together in Palm Coast this weekend. We were devastated when we
told us, but then he said he knows God wants him to be baptized on the
26th so he's just not going to his family party!! It was pretty
amazing. I mean, this dude is 14 years old, and he's showing some
pretty solid commitment to the church! Way cool.

I love Saturdays on a mission because there are always tons of
hoodlums running around to talk to. Well, it was another "different"
exchange as I went into a Spanish area again... Not much to really
talk about on Saturday because of that reason, but I spent the day
with one of my good friends Elder Harmer! He's like 6'6" and loves to
ball on Mondays, so we get along well :)

CHRIS AND NICK rolled up to church having passed their interview and
also got some classy haircuts. Pretty fun to see those guys there! I
think they were just as hyped to see all of the Young Women as they
were to see us! They'll be baptized this Saturday! Woohoo!! Church was
crazy though. We started by teaching the first 1/2 of Relief Society
and left the room dying from all the perfume smells. We hustled and
bustled over to the Deacons class to finish up teaching their lesson!
We went from too much perfume to too much B.O. real quick!  It ended
up turning into a Q and A for us to answer questions about our
missions for some of the Young Men. The first question asked to us was
"So, what's the grossest thing you've had to eat on your mission."
Followed by, "what do you miss about home." Very spiritual lesson as
you can tell ;) Sunday finished pretty cool by stopping by some Recent
Converts named Brittany and Bianca. When we arrived there tonight,
they had a gift bag full of brand new ties for me. It was a late
"welcome to the ward" gift. Honestly, way cool Converts. They were
baptized back in December and they help come out with us to a lot of
our lessons with investigators to be good fellowship!

All is good down here in the O-Zone! I'm excited for this Easter
Sunday we have to celebrate the resurrection of our Savior. He lives
today. He broke the bands of death so we can live again, as families,
forever. I'm grateful for the things I've learned out here on a
mission! They have impacted my life and I'm glad I'm a missionary!
Thanks for all of the support and prayers sent my way! Have a great
Much love,
- Elder Doman

Elder Harmer and I

Ballin today!! Elder Terry and Elder Rindlisbacher! My good friends
here in the mish!

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