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Monday, September 28, 2015

Sugar gliders and "The freshest white guy!"

Friends and Family,

Week 5 of the transfer here in Daytona Beach is complete. It's crazy
looking back and thinking it was just 5 weeks ago when Elder Crismon
and I first started to be companions. We've really bonded and
basically became brothers. Definitely a fun transfer! We are both
hoping we stay here in Daytona Beach for another transfer. It's very
possible, but I guess we will find out Saturday. If I stay here, that
will be 6 months here in Daytona. I wouldn't be mad at all!  I'm
convinced that this is the Promise Land inside the Promise Land.

So there were a lot of good times that happened this week that I'll
always remember. For this email, I think it would be fun to just share
specific experiences.

On Tuesday, we are teaching a recent convert named Ivet (she likes us
to call her "Abuela.") to get an idea of Abuela, she is a 4'10"
Hispanic lady that absolutely loves the missionaries. Every time we
are over there, she feeds us beans and rice. It's pretty awesome. She
has less than 20 dollars a month after paying her bills, and continues
to insist on feeding us. She is totally devoted. She says it "brings
her blessings of Joy." How cool is that. Anyway, we have been meeting
with her to prepare her to go to the Temple. She was almost there and
wanted to meet with the bishop for an interview the following day. The
following day, when we went to the church to see how the interview
went, she was trying so hard not to cry when she saw us. She said she
needed to talk with us and ended up breaking down. She told us she
just couldn't pay that much tithing, and it would put her on the
streets of she did. It honestly broke our hearts hearing it. After
talking with her more this week, she is going to put it to the test.
She has so much faith! It will be great to see how this plays out.

This week we found a new less active family to teach named the
Mulin's... It's a crazy home to say the least. For a profession, they
breed small rodents and specifically Sugar Gliders. (See picture
below) A long time ago, they were offended by another member in the
ward. We are excited to work with them and to help them come back into
the fold.

Saturday we had "Feeding the Homeless." Again, this was a fun
experience. One homeless man told me "I was the freshest white guy
he's seen all day." What a compliment, what a compliment. It
definitely puts things into perspective.

A funny story for the week: BYU's football team... Hahahha no but we
went knocking for a little bit last week and Elder Crismon being the
goofball he is, was singing "Come Come Ye Saints" meanwhile, and I was

in the background doing some type of dancing with my hands. The door
opened and we stopped so quickly and just stared at this lady. It was
so silent you could hear a gator in the pond behind us.... And I don't
even know if they make a noise, but you could have heard it then.
Luckily, this Saint of a lady just laughed it off and ended up wanting
us to come back again. We were in awe! He spirit of our beautiful
performance must have touched that lady's heart... Or something like
that. Hahah it was pretty awesome.

We also found this one guy named Louie. He was just one humble dude
walking out of Walmart while we were walking in. He said he's seen
missionaries before when he lived over in Louisiana, and has always
wanted to meet, but they never talked with him. How cool is that?!
Definitely a miracle. We are looking forward to meet g with him!

Another great experience this week was the beach play this morning!
This is two in two weeks!! We were pretty lucky for this to happen.
This hardly ever happens because district are only able to go once
every 4 months. What a blessing they ended up falling on back to back
weeks :) there are some pictures below!

It was a fun week this week and we are seeing some great progress. We
are looking forward to this upcoming week and the miracles it will
entail. A big thanks for all the support with emails, letters, and
prayers sent my way.
Much Love,

-Elder Doman

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