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Monday, August 17, 2015

Leona Jackson's Baptism!!!

Friends and Family,

It was one crazy week here in Daytona! We were excited to see the work
progress in Daytona Beach and throughout the DeLand Zone! Elder Scott
and I were pumped to see one our all time favorite investigators,
Leona Jackson, enter into the waters of a baptism Sunday the 16th!

So this week was a little bit all over the place with some random
events happening. To start, Monday evening a light came on in our car
and we figured out we were in need of an oil change. We set an
appointment for early Tuesday morning, so we wouldn't have this be too
big of a burden and take some precious time out of this week. Well the
car ended up being at Firestone until late afternoon and they weren't
able to fix the problem. They told us to take the car to the
dealership because Chevy is the only company that has the rights to
fix it. Elder Scott and I were pretty frustrated, and we realized very
quickly that car mechanics aren't our forte. We didn't know what was
even wrong with the car when we arrived to the Chevy Dealership. When
we were asked if we could be helped, Elder Scott replied, "We need our
car fixed." The lady stared at us blankly not knowing what to say.
I then said, "there is a light on, and it's like... Not working. It
runs fine, but Firestone said it needs to be fixed." It ended up
needing to go back Wednesday morning to have further work done.
Everything was finished up late Wednesday afternoon, as we were able
to go out proselyting.
We continually have laughed at this situation throughout the week, and
we hope and pray that we don't run into any more car problems.

The Lawhorn family of 15 is doing great! It's been tough to have a
decent teaching environment with 11 little munchkins running around
the place, but that's what makes it fun. Their kids are a riot. Elder
Scott and I laugh every time we go over there. As we bore testimony
and taught the Plan of Salvation, it was one of the greatest lessons
I've had. The mother, Lorie was feeling the Spirit so much in that
lesson. She said she believes it's true, and knows this will bring her
family closer together. They haven't been able to read to much of the
Book of Mormon, and couldn't come to church, but as we fast and pray
for them this upcoming week, we are hoping to see them recognize even
more blessings Heavenly Father is giving them which should hopefully
motivate them to come out to church.

Serena is doing great! We reviewed the Restoration with her, and she
bore powerful testimony of Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. We are hoping to start teaching more of those that live the same home. A
couple of them were able to attend the baptism and we are slowly
trying to get them more involved!

Throughout the transfer, Elder Scott and I have been trying to find
some less-active members in the ward. A few weeks ago, we were able to
give a blessing in the hospital to a man named Billy. One night he had
a heart attack and needed an emergency surgery. Billy hadn't attended
church in over 12 years, and took that as a sign from God to get back
on the same page with him. Billy came to church this week, and has
committed to read the Book of Mormon over again. What a miracle.

Leona Jackson. Where to even begin! There is a picture of Leona at the
bottom of this email so you are able to see who she is. Elder Scott
and I are first amazed at Leona's faith. She has attended her previous
church for 30 years and now, because she knows that God has told her
she needed to change and to get out over her comfort zone. She told us
that our church makes her feel a little uncomfortable because of her
strong roots of a Southern Baptist, and because she is a minority,
but... She knows this is where God wants her, and can't deny it. She
is the perfect example of Fear of God vs. Fear of Man.

Man, I can't even begin to say how much I've learned on my mission. It
seems like once a week there is a moment where I look back and think
about progression. Knowing I still have quite a while on my mission to
continually change is a blessing. It's hard, and definitely
challenging, but I wouldn't change this experience for the world. It's
now week 6 of the transfer and are finishing up the transfer strong.
I'm hoping to stay here in Daytona Beach with Elder Scott, but who
knows what will happen. For now, I'll continue to work hard and have a
good time on my mission. Thanks SO much for all the support and
motivation I'm getting from you all back home. You're the best!

With Love,

-Elder Doman

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