Our intent of this blog is to share Brock's adventures in Orlando, Florida while he's on his LDS mission. Hopefully, by reading about how Brock is changing the lives of so many, and seeing Brock's own personal growth in the gospel, the people reading this blog will also be able to feel the spirit and be inspired to strengthen or develop their own testimonies of Christ and the LDS church.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

July 7th, a letter home

We want to share a few things from Brock's letter home this week:

" So, I've only been here one week, and seeing how fast one week went by, we can do 100 of those!  We are "The Doman Family!"  The toughest of them all.  I know it won't be easy, but trust in each other and truly trust the Lord.  He is with us every step of the way."

"I miss you guys, a lot….I feel homesick every day because I know that you are having fun together as a family, and that's what I miss most, family.  there is nothing like it in the whole world.  Nothing compares to the love of a family.  Abby and Britt, tell Mom you love her everyday, because when you can't, it's tough.

"Like I said earlier, we can do this.  Trust God.  Alma 26:12 (my favorite scripture):  'Yea I know that I am nothing; as to my strength, I am weak; therefore, I will not boast of myself, but I will boast of my God, for in his strength I can do all things.'  If we put all of our trust, strength, faith, and hope in god, WE can do all things.  If you think this isn't hard for me, it is hands down the hardest thing I've ever done.  But knowing I can live with my family for eternity, makes 2 years seem like nothing."

"Some funny things that have happened this week:
     -My companion sounds like Ned Flanders from The Simpsons
     -I have a quote for my mission that I'll use through the entire 2 years, 'They think that I don't know a buttload of crap about the gospel…..but I doooooo" (Nacho Libre)
     -'These are my recreation clothes!' (Nacho Libre) I say this every night when I'm changing into my relaxing clothes.
     -One guy we are teaching owns 232 guns…..America!
     -Rednecks are real, I'm surrounded by them every single day!
     -I'm teaching 4 people that get a handicapped pass because they weigh over 500 pounds.
     -I was in church and was asked to say the closing prayer and I didn't say, In the name of Jesus Christ, of latter day saints, Amen :)
"Love being together whenever you are, because I miss it more than anything.  Tell each other you love them.  I'm really missing the "family" feel right now.  Have fun, be safe, and keep playing hearts!"

And my favorite part:
" Mom, I wanted you to know that you are doing an amazing job.  You're the perfect mom.  I love you so much.  I've been blessed to have you as a mom in my life.  Pat yourself on the back, you did a great job with the hand that was dealt to you."

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